Who is Sabina Wex?

Photo by  Patrick Fulgencio .

 Resourceful.   Persistent.   Strategic.

Sabina Wex uses her experience in journalism, marketing and business strategy to grow businesses. She has a unique ear to what consumers are missing in their lives.

Sabina has worked at media outlets, marketing agencies and not-for-profits. She also has entrepreneurial experience and understands the hardships that come along with starting your own business. From creating a newspaper in high school to outfitting shipping containers to grow food in, she knows that having firm support, open communication and transparent budgets are essential to helping a business grow.

Outside of work, Sabina plays squash, plans her trip to Siberia and eats apples.


Get in touch

Sabina knows how important it is to understand your customer. That’s why she offers free consultations to walk you through your needs, the scope of your goals and your budget.