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Should you invest in PR? Probably not.

Brené Brown didn’t get to Netflix on a whim. PR is a long game.

Brené Brown didn’t get to Netflix on a whim. PR is a long game.

I have a lot of people come to me and ask to appear in the media because they want to increase sales for their new product.

I’ll tell you exactly what I tell those people: DO NOT invest in public relations if you’re looking to increase sales quickly. Here’s why:

Think about the last time you read an article and then bought the product or visited the store. It probably took you a few more months to hear about it from friends, see more ads for it, read more articles about it and read a few reviews about it. Then you FINALLY purchased it. Or perhaps, you totally forgot about it despite having bookmarked said article.

PR is just part ONE part of a marketing strategy. It is a killer brand awareness tool to make you and your business cool, relevant and valuable by appearing on TV, in the newspaper or on an influential person’s Instagram feed.

Think about the people who you love to hear from: Brené Brown, Neil deGrasse Tyson or Warren Buffet. These three very different people who have one thing in common: they have a unique perspective combined with domain expertise to tell us things that we did not know. They have something to say.

To figure out what it is that you have to say  - like the amazing people above - ask yourself these questions:

  1. What’s your unique perspective? 

  2. What’s your area of expertise? 

  3. What are you not hearing about that you care about?

  4. Who do you want to speak to? 

  5. Which media outlets do the target audiences engage with? 

  6. Which media outlets, Instagram accounts or podcasts do you love to listen to? Would they want to hear from you?

  7. How much time and money are you willing to spend on building up your thought leadership? 

Getting to Oprah or Forbes doesn’t happen overnight, and you’ll likely need a PR pro’s help to get you there. PR is about becoming more than a one-hit-wonder with your business. It’s about having something to say that people will care about, long after they swipe through their Instagram feeds. It’s about creating a message that continuously provides value. 

It’s a long game, and you need to be willing to stay in it. Are you? If you’re not sure, feel free to book a call with me to see what you can offer the world.

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