Which media do your customers consume?

Sabina worked relentlessly to get me into media outlets that my audience already trusts - and she did it without compromising my personality or brand.
— Vanessa Vakharia, founder and owner of XAM Study Lounge and The Math Guru

Sabina places her clients in outlets like Global News, Canadian Press, CP24 and the Financial Post. After eight years of working in journalism, she understands how to take a brand's story and make it newsworthy and relevant. Sabina knows that PR isn't pitching an ad to a journalist, but helping a journalist create valuable content for her readers - and your customers.

Sabina can:

  • Place your brand into the right publications to speak directly to your current and potential customers
  • Craft your brand story so that it's unique and newsworthy
  • Garner greater brand awareness


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